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Anti Wrinkle Treatments

For Lines, Wrinkles And Lifting

Anti wrinkle treatments are one of the most popular non-surgical anti-ageing treatments for reducing lines and wrinkles.

Botulinum Toxin Type A is used to target specific areas of the face to ease out lines and wrinkles. It relaxes the muscles and helps reduce lines and wrinkles.

The most popular treatment areas are:

The Treatment

You will have a consultation where your medical history will be taken and we will discuss the options available to you, the effect anti wrinkle treatments can have and after care advice.

The Treatment is a series of small injections administered with a fine needle, minimalising patient discomfort. 

The Results

You should start to see an improvement within 5-7 days following your treatment, reaching optimum results at 2 weeks. As part of our service, we offer a review after 2 weeks to ensure you are happy with the effect.

Our aim is to have you look natural and fresh so that you are still able to have expressions after having your anti-wrinkle treatment.

Repeat injections will be needed to maintain the effects and after several treatments, the effects will begin to last longer and repeat treatments may only be needed every six months.


All our prices are inclusive of your personal private prescription